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Current Projects:

Now And Forever Nia

Now And Forever Nia is a graphic novel about fatherhood in the midst of spooky monsters, and the impact that has on a daughter's growing independence.

The November fundraiser on Indiegogo exceeded the funding goal of $1500! Want a copy? You can still contribute and snag an exclusive, signed copy (with other goodies) via Indiegogo's InDemand function. Click the button below to support the graphic novel.

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Now And Forever Nia began as a submission for Webtoon's Short Story Contest in March 2020, but soon grew to be much more. Read the Webtoon version!

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I'm collaborating with a composer, Josh Brent, by animating to his evolving electronic track. I have animated 100+ shots to Brent's 7-minute long original song.


Blue Witch Malazu

Blue Witch Malazu is my ongoing webcomic about a headstrong witch who is banished to the present. I draw Malazu when I'm between projects and looking to test out drawing techniques.

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The Story

Malazu never felt quite right in the 1500's, so when she's launched into the future, she's determined to make the most of it! Join Malazu and her new friends as they learn about magic, uncover Malazu's family secrets, and navigate life as young adults at a university.


I'm on Skillshare

I'm now a teacher on Skillshare! Want to learn my tips and tricks of the trade? Follow along as I teach animation. I update with new classes all the time, so be sure to follow me to keep up with my newest content!

Learn Patterns

Got Photoshop and want to learn how to create your own unique patterns? Click the image beelow to check out my 3rd class on Skillshare: Creating Seamless Patterns in Photoshop!

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