Digital Artist + More

With my Wacom plugged in, tea on the side, and Future Funk playing in the background, anything is possible. Don't let my cute style fool you; I'm an adaptable, award-winning animation and graphics powerhouse who's ready to help with your next project.

At Bradley University, I developed skills so I could share my art with the world. I have contributed quirky art, effective design, electrifying soundtracks, and leadership skills to dozens of projects. Keep scrolling to check out my best and most recent works.


Check out my animated reel from 2019!

Animation Reel 2019 from Sam Concklin on Vimeo.


I'm making an animated film for my final year at Bradley University. Every week is a step closer to completing my most ambitious project yet, and you can read all about it on my blog.

The following are WIP shots for my film.

I'm drawing and animating the frames in Photoshop. Once animated, traced, and colored in, I will composite them with the backgrounds and time them out in After Effects. I am working with a lovely actor from Bradley's Theatre Department, Mia Katz. Making this film has been a challenging and rewarding experience. I have become a better artist, drawing more quickly, more precisely, and more thoughtfully than ever before.

You can see my film when it premieres at the annual FUSE show at the Peoria Riverfront Museum on Saturday, April 27th. Afterwards I will post it on Vimeo, so stay tuned!


I was media designer for She Kills Monsters, a production by Bradley University Theatre in Fall 2018. Working closely with the director, I designed, animated, and formatted dozens of assets to be projected behind the actors throughout the show. My work won me an award from the Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival.

She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen follows the story of Agnes, an average woman who bonds with her recently deceased sister Tilly by playing the Dungeons and Dragons campaign her sister wrote. This comedy calls for electrifying choreography and innovative stage techniques, and I was honored to work with the designers to bring this story to life.

I exchanged files with our composer, Thomas Dixon, to ensure that the timing was just right on certain elements. This segment plays after the opening scene:


Little Room is a video game I made with game designer Eric Robertson for the Global Game Jam 2019. The Global Game Jam is an annual, worldwide event that challenges game devs to make a game in 48 hours around a central theme. This year's theme was "What Does Home Mean to You?"

Eric and I agreed that we wanted to make a game that made players happy, so we created a game with a delightful aesthetic where players drop furniture in a little room. I kept the graphics simple by limiting myself to a small color palette. Each item is drawn/traced five times to give them an organic "wiggle" effect.

Since we only had 48 hours to complete it, the game is far from perfect. But Eric and I are pleased with the restults; when we shared what we made with our fellow game designers, it brought a smile to their faces. Unfortunately, the music never made it into the game, but you can listen to it below.

You can read more about our game on the GGJ website. The game is executable on Mac systems.


I was thrilled when I was asked to design t-shirts for the cast and crew of Silent Sky, a BU Theatre production in Spring 2019. I worked closely with the producer, director, and publication specialist to conceptualize and finalize this design.

The following is how the mockup would look when it is finally printed. (Photos of the final product coming soon)

I also designed a Snapchat filter promoting the show during Opening Weekend:

It was a great experience to produce promotional materials for clients that I knew well.


Blue Witch Malazu is my comic about a sassy witch trapped out of her time. Now she spends her days hovering around a college campus, learning the ins and outs of modern life. I update my comic about every three weeks on Webtoon.

It's Raining Trends is a two-player, competitive video game optimized for an arcade cabinet. Each player selects a fashionista to play as, then competes in a timed trial to drop as many of their clothes onto people below as possible. I was the Lead Designer and Composer for this game, which the team and I made for FUSE 2018. FUSE is the annual interactive media event hosted by BU's Interactive Media Department at the Peoria Riverfront Museum.

As I became more experienced with game design, my confidence grew. I felt comfortable taking the lead with my team and showing them exactly how something looked in my head. During meetings, I would whip out my drawing tablet and talk through the design with the other artists.

Here are my design concepts for the title screen. One is a first draft, and the other is a draft with better colors and lots of notes. The notes describe the animations and slight movements I visualized that would bring the game to life. The logo in the second one is one of the logo drafts from another artist.

I also drew concept work for the character-select screen. First I drew a quick sketch, then later I refined it. In the second iteration I drew my own version of all of the characters, who are each framed by fun angles and unique colors.

Here's the end result with the artists' illustrations. I present Princess Elise, Kpop star Joon Ho, the non-binary rebel Pluto, and 80's business woman Gale.

Every game needs music, and I was thrilled to write the jams that would bring this game to life. Taking inspiration from the song whose name our game honors, here's the title theme for It's Raining Trends. Listen to the other songs on Soundcloud.

The team and I took a lot of care in designing this game. Each character went through tons of iterations until we found something that felt right. It's Raining Trends was a huge hit at FUSE, with every passerby stopping to watch or join in.


FUSE 2017 was huge for me. I worked on almost half of the nine exhibits that year. As the Team Lead and Producer of Vs Pinball, I contributed the most to that project. I also designed the logo for the Dome Project.

Vs Pinball is a competitive, two-player touch table game that combines pinball and air hockey. From concept to completion, I guided the team and kept production on schedule. I also designed the logo and some promotional materials, including a large print banner.

Below is the progression of the Vs Pinball Logo, from the sketch, to first draft, to final draft.

In The Dome Eperience, attendees sit in the Peoria Riverfront Museum's special dome theater and view projections made by sophomore animation students. Not only did I make an animation for this exhibit, but I also designed the logo. I sketched it in Photoshop and rendered the final version in Illustrator. I chose pink and purple to make the logo contrast from the other eight projects that year.